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86 scientific-practical conference "Agrarian science for the North Caucasian Federal District"


This year, the 86th annual scientific and practical conference "Agricultural Science - North Caucasian Federal District" was dedicated to the promising direction of scientific research, the FoodNet market of the National Technology Initiative. Experts from different parts of the country visited the university as part of the conference. The guests visited an exhibition of student projects with elements of a pitch session. Future agrarians presented their developments created within the framework of design and educational intensives from the NTI University 20.35.

The conference was attended by specialists from different fields of activity:

· Public representative of the Agency for Strategic Initiatives in the direction: "Entrepreneurship and Technology" Sergey Viktorovich Nesmelov.

· Leading expert of the NTI FoodNet market working group (responsible for the development of the NTI FoodNet market in the regions of Russia) Aleksey Zinovievich Brumin.

· Leading expert of the working group of the NTI FoodNet market (responsible for the development of design offices of the NTI market), director of LLC "Incubator of Industrial and Consumer Cooperation" Alexey Igorevich Kuk.

· Director of LLC "AGROTEK", founder of LLC "GALAKTIT" Alexander Sergeevich Khaimsky.

A dialogue was held with scientists, businessmen, representatives of the NTI community and the Agency for Strategic Initiatives, at which issues relevant to the FoodNet market were raised.

The conference continued with a plenary session. The chief federal inspector for the Stavropol Territory of the office of the plenipotentiary representative of the President of the Russian Federation in the North Caucasus Federal District, Andrei Valerievich Skripnik, opened the work. He presented it to the young scientist of the Stavropol State Agrarian University, senior lecturer of the Department of Parasitology and Veterinary Sanitary Expertise, Anatomy and Pathological Anatomy named after V.I. Professor S.N. Nikolsky Nikolay Agarkov Grant of the President.

The scientific and practical conference also became a platform for awarding the winners of the competition for Grants from the rector of the Stavropol State Agrarian University. Young scientists received funds to implement their projects. The rector, professor Ivan Vyacheslavovich Atanov spoke about the achievements of SSAU scientists in his speech.

Presentations were made by:

· Konstantin Aleksandrovich Ivanov - Head of the Department for Relations with Government Bodies and International Activities of URALCHEM, JSC. Leader of the NTI FoodNet market working group, head of the segment for alternative sources of raw materials and food.

· Sergei Dmitrievich Ridny - Deputy Minister of Agriculture of the Stavropol Territory.

· Igor Yurievich Kukoev - secretary - coordinator of the NTI FoodNet market working group, head of the smart and highly productive agriculture segment, smart supply chains. Head of Research and Analytics, DigitalAgro LLC.

· Mikhail Tsalelevich Charny - leading expert of the FoodNet NTI market working group (responsible for the development of R&D infrastructure). Director for Science of LLC Bureau of Scientific, Technological and Financial Support.

· Mikhail Valerievich Zakharevich - leading expert of the FoodNet NTI market working group (responsible for the FoodNet Market Accelerator). Operator of the competition-accelerator "Uralchem-Element Rosta".

The main topic of the conference was the key macroeconomic and technological trends in the development of agriculture until 2035. 

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