Department of sociological research and marketing

Ivashova Valentina Anatolyevna
Ivashova Valentina Anatolyevna

Head of the department
Candidate of sociological sciences , Docent

Fedkova Tatiana Vladimirovna
Fedkova Tatiana Vladimirovna

Manager of the department

Main activities and functions of the department of sociological research and marketing:

  • Developping and conducting sociological research on educational, cultural, socio-economic, scientific and innovative spheres of the university; monitoring public opinion of the staff, faculty, postgraduate students and presenting the results for taking managerial decisions;
  • Creating the information bank on sociological research and Statistics of the University;
  • Providing opportunities for obtaining practical skills in the collection, processing, analysis of information and its use for students of different faculties , as well as the use of information in subdivisions of the University;
  • Studying of sociological and psychological problems of the organization of labor, welfare and recreation of employees and university students;
  • Carrying out sociological research; preparation of proposals to incorporate socio-psychological factors in the activities of employees and students;
  • Participating in the organization and carrying out of experimental work and the development of proposals for social and psychological aspects of improving the main activities of the university;
  • Cooperation with leading research centers;
  • Studying of the conditions of the organization and improving the quality of the educational process, efficiency of the educational work at the university;
  • Monitoring of socio-psychological adaptation of first year students;
  • Studying the issues of the organization of the scientific-research activities of the professor-teaching staff, postgraduate students and undergraduate students;
  • Conducting research on socio-economic problems of the university staff and students;
  • Sociological analysis of processes in the system of education in the region;
  • Studying of public opinion (monitoring) on various topical issues of the regional center and the districts;
  • Sociological research and other advisory services for external customers;
  • Creating the information bank based on sociological research and statistics of the University;
  • Developing targeted scientific and practical recommendations.

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