Department of licensing and accreditation

Main activities and functions of the department of licensing and accreditation:

  • Coordination of licensing and accreditation work.
  • Supporting systematic relationships with rectors, deans, heads of departments and divisions of the university regarding the activities of the department;
  • Studying, classifying and monitoring of regulatory documents of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation, the Federal Agency for Education and the Federal Service for Supervision in Education regarding licensing, certification and accreditation;
  • Collecting, processing and analyzing of information about the University and for individual professional educational programs relating to the issue of licensing and accreditation;
  • Organizing of documents preparation to be submitted for the license expertise on opening professional educational programs, bachelor and master degrees training programs;
  • Organizing and preparing of sets of documents after the first graduation of students on individual professional educational programs and supporting the accreditation procedure;
  • Supporting procedures for a comprehensive evaluation of the university, internal control of execution of licensing requirements and indicators for the accreditation of the higher education institution and single professional educational programs;
  • Organizing of data collection in the format of the data acquisition Module for the results of the year, on certain professional educational programs and a comprehensive assessment of the university;
  • Analyzing information and support for the preparation of reference based on the materials of the informational-analytical map of the University, provided by the National Accreditation Agency for major groups;
  • Normative control of the University documents, containing details of licensing and accreditation standards of the university and their implementation.

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