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Refresher courses "Innovative methods of personnel management of the university"

At the initiative of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation in the framework of the meeting of heads of subordinate institutions of higher education on the basis of the Stavropol State Agrarian University attended the training courses on the topic "Innovative methods of personnel management of the university."

The team of the Centre of the quality management in education in the face of the head Khokhlova Elena Vasilyevna, heads of departments Galeev Evgeny Valeryevitch., Ivashova Valentina Anatolevna, Fedisko Olga Nikholaevna presented the experience of the University in creating an active implementation of the procedures of rating of staff, staff incentives, provision of the feedback to the evaluation of the personnel work satisfaction .

The University receives requests for training courses for various categories of senior and middle-level heads of agricultural institutions of higher education, which confirms a positive feedback on the quality of educational services provided. 

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