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RESULTS OF THE CONTEST "Perfect employee-2015"

On July 1, 2015 the meeting of the Academic Council of the University held a ceremony of awarding the winners of the professional contest "The perfect employee-2015."

The purpose of the contest is the development of the creative potential of our employees and a better sharing of their professional experience. The tender commission received 105 applications in 9 nominations.

The consideration of employees ’applications included several stages: study of presentations, students’ scoring of contestants in a mass survey at all faculties and all years of study, as well as records of the results of staff ranking for the last 3 years.

As the outcome of the work of the contest committee, there were determined winners in 9 categories:

"The best Dean":

1st place - Dean of the Faculty Agro-biology and land resources and the environment and landscape architecture, Doctor of Agricultural Sciences, Professor Esaulko Alexander Nikholayevitch;

2nd place - Dean of the Faculty of Economics, Doctor of Economics, Professor Kusakina Olga Nikholayevna;

3rd place - Dean of the Faculty of Accounting and Finance, Doctor of Economics, Professor Kostyukova Elena Ivanovna.

"The best head of the department":

1st place - head of the department of financial management and banking, Doctor of Economics , associate professor Sklyarova Julia Miklailovna;

2nd place - head of the Department of Soil Science, Doctor of Agricultural Sciences, Professor Valery Sergeevitch Tskhovrebov;

3rd place - Head of the department of Financial Accounting, Doctor of Economics, Associate Professor Natalia Valentinovna Kulish.

Nomination "Leading professors":

1st place - Professor of Public and reclamation farming, Doctor of Agricultural Sciences, Professor Georgy Romanovich Dorozhko;

2nd place - Professor of the department of Financial Management and Banking, Doctor of Economics , professor Tatyana Genrichovna Gurnovich ;

3rd place - Professor of Private animal husbandry, breeding and breeding of animals, Doctor of Agricultural Sciences, Associate Professor Yepimakhova Elena Edugartovna.

Nomination "Leading Associate Professor":

1st place - Associate professor of chemistry and plant protection department, Doctor of Agricultural Sciences , associate professor Bezgina Yulia Alexandrovna;

2nd place - Associate Professor, Department of Physical Planning and inventory , Doctor of Agricultural Sciences ,Dmitry Shevchenko;

3rd place - Associate Professor of Financial Accounting department , Doctor of Economics, Associate Professor Sitnic Olga Egorovna.

Nomination "Leading Senior Lecturer":

1st place - Senior Lecturer, Department of automation, electronics and metrology, Ph.D. Vladimir V. Samoilenko;

2nd place - a senior lecturer in the technology of production and processing of agricultural products, Ph.D. Trubina Irina;

3rd place - Senior Lecturer, Department of Soil Science, candidate of technical science, Nikiforova Anastasia Mikhailovna.

"The best curator":

1st place - Docent, Department of Economics and Applied Economics, Candidate of Economics , Skiperskaya Elizaveta Viktorovna.;

2nd place - Docent, Department of Mathematics, Candidate of Economics , Docent Tatyana Alexandrovna Gulay;

3rd place - Assistant of the Department of automation, electronics and metrology department Ushkur Dmitry Gennadievitch .

"The best manager":

1st place - Director of the Scientific Library Obnovlenskaya Marina Vasilyevna.;

2nd place - Manager of Marketing and Social Research department Fedkova Tatyana Vladimirovna;

3rd place - Expert on educational and methodical work of the Faculty of Advanced Training Institute of Additional Professional Education, Candidate of Economics, Ledneva Yulia Alexandrovna.

"The best employee of the Scientific Library":

1st place - Deputy Director of the Scientific Library on Information Technology Nicenko Natalia Vladimirovna;

2nd place - Head of the department of student services of the Scientific Library , Turina Elena Nikholaevna;

3rd place - head of information-bibliographic center of the Scientific library Irina Viktorovna Tkachenko.

"The best technician":

1st place - technician of the department of physiology, surgery and obstetrics Yuliya Yurievna Tarasova ;

2nd place - technician of the department of Information Systems Bulatov Georgiy Olegovitch;

3rd place - technician of the department of finance, credit and insurance, Lyashenko Anton Viktorovitch.

Presenting the winners and prize-winners of diplomas and monetary rewards, Rector Vladimir Ivanovitch Trukhachev on behalf of the University administration, trade union committees of staff and students warmly thanked all the participants for their creativity and inspiration related to the professional activity, for their willingness to share their achievements with colleagues and wished new high achievements.

All winners will be marked as the winner of the contest "Perfect employee" on the website of the University on a private page.

Vladimir Ivanovitch also noted that the victory in the contest "Perfect employee" - is the personification of the professional skills of all staff of the University, which is why it is important to cultivate the ideal of staff that provide high-quality education and social infrastructure of the Stavropol State Agrarian University. 

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