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On April 2, 2015 students and teachers of the Stavropol State Agrarian University actively participated in the online survey, organized by the Inspectorate of the city of Stavropol

A public opinion survey was devoted to road safety and traffic police work.

About 200 people expressed their opinions on the subject - both students and university staff. They completed a questionnaire posted on the site online.

The survey was conducted with technical assistance from acting Head of the Department “Information systems” D.V. Shlaev and employees of the Department.

The participation in the monitoring of public opinion is not only a manifestation of civic responsibility, but also the opportunity once again to draw attention to the complicated situations that can often lead to trouble on the roads.

If you have a desire to change the situation on the roads of the Territory for the better, express your opinions on the site Do not remain indifferent! 

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