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Discussion of the results of the rating of teachers and departments of the University of the year 2014 at the Scientific Council of the Faculty of Electrical-Energetic Faculty

On the 24 of March the Academic Council of the Electrical-Energetic Faculty held the discussion of the results of the rating of the professor-teaching staff and subdivisions of the University of the year 2014.

The report outlined the features of the rating in 2014, the coordinated work of departments to verify the data submitted by teachers, presented strong faculties and departments, marked areas for improvement. In particular, the following things were singled out:

- A strong position in the educational and methodical work of faculty.

- Good results in the faculty reward and recognition.

As a complement to the existing options for evaluation of the deans and department the departments presented the results of the weighted average amount of their personal ratings and the faculty / department.

As following trends in the development of rating were announced:

-Rating of student achievement.

- Revision of standards for working positions.

- Use of the results of the rating in the competition for the perfect employee.

- Use of the results of the rating in the course of checking of performance indicators in monitoring programs to ensure the quality of education of the Stavropol State Agrarian University in the years 2015 - 2017 . 

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