Center of the quality management in education


Webinar of the European foundation for quality management (EFQM)

On March 17, 2015, the staff of the Centre of quality management in education participated in the webinar, which was conducted by the European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM). The webinar was devoted to the issue of benchmarking as a tool for assessing the current level of business development; identify both strengths and weaknesses to improve company performance. The presentation was made by the EFQM Membership Manager Samuli Pruikkonen. The webinar was attended by representatives of European and international organizations.

In his presentation, Samuli Pruikkonen briefed the participants of the webinar with the use of benchmarking in business. He stressed the importance of this tool for the EFQM Excellence Model. The speaker outlined existing types of benchmarking, as well as the ways how EFQM can help organizations interested in benchmarking.

During the webinar, the staff of the Centre of quality management in education had the opportunity to ask questions and get answers. At the end of the webinar the staff of the department discussed the heard information. 

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