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Student Committee for the quality of education presented its experience in the All-Russian contest in St. Petersburg

The Student Committee for Quality of Education of the Stavropol State Agrarian University presented the results of its work in the All-Russian contest of achievements of the boards / commissions on the quality of education in educational institutions of higher and secondary vocational education in the nomination "The best system of the department of audit, feedback from students."

The set of documents and presentation describing the experience of the University to obtain accurate, timely, unbiased information from students and its transformation into real projects to improve the quality of education were directed to the contest commission.

The contest is organized by the All-Russian social movement “ Students for the quality education” in the framework of the All-Russian student school on the quality education , which will be held from 8th to 12th April, 2015 in the city of Saint –Petersburg.

Although the Student Committee was established in October 2014, the students carried out a large amount of work: participating in a large-scale public opinion survey of students about the quality of the content of the educational process both in general and regarding individual teachers, developing criteria for evaluating employees participating at the University professional contest "perfect employee", together with the faculties developing measures for the effective co-operation with employers.

We hope that the experience of the Student Committee for the quality of education will be useful for other universities in Russia and wish our students good luck in the contest participation! 

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