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Meeting of the Student Council for the Quality of Education of the Stavropol State Agrarian University

On December 16, 2014 there was held a joint meeting of the Center for Quality Management in Education and the Student Council for the quality of education to discuss the conditions for implementation of training and educational processes and perception of perspectives of the professional education by the University students.

In particular, the results of the survey "The life plans of graduates of the University" were discussed, according to which measures to improve the educational process will be jointly developed, the format of interaction with the faculty of the employer will be revised to promote among students the benefits and values of the various areas of training, implemented by the University.

Considerable attention in the discussion was paid to the role of the teaching staff in training and educating successful personality of university graduates. That is why it was decided to jointly develop evaluation forms for students’ evaluation of the contestants for the title "The ideal employee" of the University in various nominations: the best teacher, the best librarian, the best curator, the best technician, the best worker in the canteen, etc. 

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