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Good practice visit to the College BASE, Madrid, Spain

  On November 27, 2014 staff of the center of the quality management in education of the Stavropol State Agrarian University took part in the good practice event, organized jointly by the College BASE (Madrid, Spain) and the European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM) (Brussels, Belgium).
Within the day of good practice, participants had the opportunity to get acquainted with the peculiarities of the college, as well as to hear the speakers.
The college Bass is a nonprofit, independent institution operating for more than 50 years which sees its primary function in the promotion of the human perception as the fundamental value, it believes in the need to create "a new educational culture" and the promotion of best practices in the field of education, interdisciplinary approach to quality education. To achieve this, the college is developing measures to create a new "educational culture" at the national level, taking into account the current and future challenges in the field of education, research and innovation in any of its aspects, as well as using new technology to improve the quality of education.
The college was founded in 1962 and currently offers education at all levels - from pre-school education (children from one year old) to Baccalaureate (up to 18 years old).
The welcome speech was addressed by the Secretary General of the CEG (Spanish organization dedicated to advancing the quality of the ideas into the Spanish education) Juan Likete. He showed a video of the college, spoke about the work of the Club of Quality in educational institutions; the EFQM representative Marta Labayen spoke about the organization's history, partner organizations and members of the EFQM, representing the education sector. Particular attention was paid to examples of organizations that have achieved the EFQM European recognition – the Stavropol State Agrarian University and the College of St. Mary, United Kingdom.
Juan Santiago Garcia, the director of the BASE College, made a report on the analysis of the Spanish educational system.
Marta Del Pozo Jimenez, director of the primary education school of BASE, shared her experience of working in the elementary school, describing the features of primary school in BASE.
Roxanne Grecu, the Quality Manager of the base school told about the implementation of EFQM Model in the BASE School.
Jaime Garcia, the Executive Director of CEYS, consulting company on education and systems, made a presentation on the topic of business management as a key element of a good educational project.
The good practice event was perceived with a great interest, participants had the opportunity to get answers for their questions. 

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