Center of the quality management in education


On-line consultation of the Russian Education Supervision Body (Rosobrnadzor ) on quality control of universities

On November 21, 2014 the Centre of the quality assurance in education and the Student Council on the quality of the University participated in the On-line consultations of Rosobrnadzor on the quality control of higher education centres. The broadcast was carried out in real time from the Situation and Information Center of Rosobrnadzor.

The head of the Federal Service for Supervision in Education and Science Sergey Kravtsov and specialists of Rosobrnadzor held an on-line consultation on quality control over educational centers for students and school-leavers of this year and previous years.

The Rosobrnadzor experts responded to the questions that relate to:

- rules of admission to universities;

- minimum score for the admission ;

- grounds for expulsion and rules of transfer to another institution;

- information on the availability of the license and state accreditation of the university;

- planning by Rosobrnadzor of supervisory activities on compliance of universitites with the legislation on education .

According to the results of the On-line consultations of Rosobrnadzor the staff of the centre of the quality assurance in education and the members of the Student Council on quality discussed the vectors of further development of the quality management system of the University. 

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