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Results of the survey for participants of the school student activists "Youth leader of the SSAU - 2014"

Within the school of student activists "Youth leader SSAU - 2014" the questionnaire survey was conducted to determine the level of satisfaction with the quality of the event.

According to the research of school of student activists "Youth leader SSAU - 2014" has been praised by its direct participants - freshmen.

Almost all the participants unanimously expressed the view that the School of student activists largely exceeded their expectations. Especially the grand opening, work in master classes and creative activities in the "Haven of talent" .

A freshman at the initial stage of the University got the opportunity to manifest social activity, while in school only 79.4% of them were engaged in social work.

97.7% of students were inspired by social work at the University. This involvement of freshmen in the School of Leadership provides a good foundation for the development of an active life position of students.

The results were analyzed on the seminar meeting at the Center for Quality Management Education. It was attended by Vice-deans of educational work, as well as employees of the Department for Educational Work and Social Affairs of the students.

Participants in the seminar meeting discussed possible directions of development of the process of nurturing leaders among the students of the University and to expand the format of school of student activists "Youth leader SSAU - 2014" in line with the results of the study. 

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