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The highest award of the contest "Russian organization of high social efficiency" was received by SSAU

The Rector of the Stavropol State Agrarian University Vladimir Trukhachev received an award for the University winning of the All-Russian contest "Russian organization of high social efficiency". The ceremony was held on September 16, 2014 at the Government House, where the winners of the prizes were welcomed by the Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Olga Golodets and the Minister of Labor and Social Security Maxim Topilin.

The Stavropol State Agrarian University according to the results of 2013 was declared the winner being awarded the highest award - the "Grand Prix".

The contest "Russian organization of high social efficiency" has been held annually since 2000. Its goal is to provide the public with the experience of Russian organizations seeking high social efficiency in solving social problems, and promote the development of forms of social partnership organizations.

As the Minister of Labor and Social Security Maxim Topilin said” this year all the companies continued their active participation and tried to prove that they are the best."

"I would like to wish you that the participation in this competition and rewards you get, have an incentive to ensure that you continue to improve your performance, to promote your best technologies to work with staff," - said the Minister.

To participate in the federal level of the contest the authorized bodies for the contest in the regions for the Russian Ministry of Labor directed 375 applications from the winners of the regional stage of the competition in 12 categories from 59 subjects of the Russian Federation. In 2013, 40 organizations became winners of the contest in 12 categories; the Grand Prix was awarded to three organizations.

The Stavropol State Agrarian University was the winner once in three categories: "For the development of social partnership organizations in the non-production sphere", "For development of human resources in organizations non-productive sphere" and "For the promotion of healthy lifestyles in the organizations of the non-production sphere." This success allowed the university to take the Grand Prize. 

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