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Platinum victory of the agrarian university

Stavropol State Agrarian University got the highest platinum level of recognition of Excellence (over 700 points) in the project "Global Index of Excellence" of European Fund for Quality Management (EFQM "Excellence Global Index")

In the Global Index of Excellence EFQM the Stavropol State Agrarian University is presented as a leading organization in the education sector at the global level.

In total, the sector "Education" is represented by 426 educational organizations in the world, which are distributed in 4 levels of recognition:

- Platinum level received 2 organization: Stavropol State Agricultural University (Russia), Bradstow School (UK);

- Gold level got 2 organization: Sakarya University (Turkey), City of Glasgow College (UK);

- Silver level received 69 educational organizations, 7 educational institutions of Russia.

- Bronze level received 353 educational organization in the world.

The recognition of the Stavropol State Agrarian University in the Global index of Excellence EFQM – the undisputed evidence that the University is today not only a leader of agrarian education of Russia, but also fully meets the high requirements of international standards of quality.

About the EFQM Global Excellence Index

EFQM Global Excellence Index is a unique multifunctional platform developed by EFQM, the main attribute of which is the recognition of the most effective organizations in the world in their journey toward sustainable excellence. The level of the index determined by 21 sectors of activity and the number of points for the EFQM RADAR:

· Platinum – over 700 points

· Gold – more than 600 points

· Silver – more than 500 points

· Bronze - 300 points

About EFQM

EFQM is a non-profit organization with experience of over 25 years and provides support to organizations to promote sustainable best practices, creating a culture of continuous improvement and achieving outstanding results. Based on the Excellence model of the EFQM, the base providing a holistic view of any organisation, the EFQM model has become a true centre of excellence with over 2000 qualified experts, community experts and more than 30,000 organizations use the model worldwide.

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