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Seminar-meeting with the Students’ Council of hostels in Stavropol GAU

The Centre for quality management of education held a seminar-meeting with the students’ Council of hostels in Stavropol GAU on the organization and conduct the survey of students regarding social conditions, educational work and student government.

In the period March, 20-24 2017, students living in the hostels will have the opportunity to express their views on various aspects of living in a hostel: cleanliness in the common areas logistical support and functional status places to prepare for classes, kitchens, sports rooms; opportunities for cultural and leisure points of interest; psychological climate and student government.

During the seminar employees of the Department of sociological and marketing research in conjunction with the student Council of hostels once again clarified the goal and objectives of the study, discussed the content of the questionnaire and the procedures for conducting the survey of students living in the dormitory.

The results of the study will be discussed at the next meeting of the Academic Council of the Stavropol GAU will also become an important basis for the improvement of social conditions, educational work and student government in the dormitories. 

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