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Socio-professional accreditation took place: the impressions of experts exceeded expectations

On the 30th of March upon completion of the accreditation procedure for the three educational programs of the Stavropol State Agrarian University, representatives of expert commissions of the National Center for Social and Professional Accreditation met with the leadership, faculty and students of the university to make public preliminary results.

Opening the meeting, the Rector of the Stavropol State University, Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences Vladimir Ivanovich Trukhachev said that from the 28th to 30th of March, Federal State Budgetary Educational Institution of Higher Education "Stavropol State Agrarian University" passed an external examination of three clusters of educational programs in the areas: "Earth Sciences", "Electric Power Engineering and Electrical Engineering" "Economics and Management".

- Within the framework of these clusters were shown five undergraduate programs, three master's program, Specialty Program, a program of training of the teaching staff in graduate programs and six additional professional education. "These programs were chosen as the best as a result of a survey of a wide academic and professional community in Russia, following the results of the All-Russian competition of projects" The best educational programs of innovative Russia in 2016 ", - said V.I. Trukhachev.

All the participants in the accreditation procedure from both the university and the expert commission were thanked by the head of the department for work with experts of the National Center for Social and Professional Accreditation, Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences Galina Anatolyevna Bakumenko. She was fascinated not only warm reception with Caucasian hospitality, but the main thing is the collective willingness of the University to openly show everything, continue to receive from the experts concrete recommendations for improvement of educational programs.

Within three days three expert commissions of 16 experts worked intensively on three clusters of educational programs of the Stavropol State Agrarian University. Each expert commission included "status", experienced foreign experts, as well as representatives of the Russian academic community, the regional professional community, the All-Russian Students Union.

The fact that the "impressions significantly exceeded expectations," admitted the chairman of the expert commission for the cluster "Economics", Doctor of Economics, associate professor, associate professor of the Faculty of Economic Sciences of Transilvan University in Brasov Dinka Marius-Sorin: honor to cooperate with you and to learn a lot ". Highly award-winning foreign expert, who is an accredited member of the Romanian national quality assurance agencies in higher education (ARACIS), the Romanian national Tips for Scientific Research in Higher Education (CNCSIS), the International Economic Council in Atlanta (USA) and the European Association for the comparative economics, highlighted preliminary results of the examination.

Among the "strengths of the dynamically developing Stavropol State Agrarian University" were: progressive management headed by the Rector V. I. Trukhachev, a team of vice-rectors and department heads, a high level of management, brilliant management approaches, thanks to which it is possible to achieve the set goals. According to Dink's Marius-Sorin, the university in general has a lot of examples that could serve as a model not only for domestic but also for foreign universities, including the quality control system. It marked as excellent material and technical base: the experts were particularly impressed by faculty of socio-cultural service and tourism, a 3-D printer at the Faculty of Agricultural Mechanization. The commission was impressed by a dedicated faculty, clearly going to the goal, and diligent students, knowing for what they are learning. The head of the expert commission considers that the advantage of educational programs is in the specifics of the agroindustrial complex and the management of economic activities in rural areas.

The systemic recommendations to the university concerned the activity on internationalization, implying interaction with foreign organizations and universities (including for the purpose of expanding mobility programs and publishing activity), the need for transfer of professors and students to a higher level of foreign language proficiency. It is also important to increase the involvement of students, graduates and teachers in the formation of curricula, the building of individual educational trajectories.

The satisfaction with the rhythmic course of the accreditation procedure, the real understanding of the integrity of the educational programs of the training area "Ecology and Nature Management" was also conveyed to the team by another foreign expert. In this case, the chairman of the Commission on the Cluster "Earth Sciences", candidate of agricultural sciences, professor, professor at the University of Forestry (Sofia, Bulgaria) Yurukov Iliev Stefan, the member of the specialized scientific council in the field of forestry and ecology, member of the certification , a member of the editorial board of the journal Forestry, nominated by the Bulgarian National Agency for Evaluation and Accreditation (NEAA), made a special accent:

"I have not seen anywhere abroad neither in France, nor in Switzerland, nor in other countries, such material and technical basis for training students. " Special thanks to the expert expressed to the dean of the Faculty of Ecology and Landscape Architecture of Stavropol State University Alexander Nikolayevich Esaulko.

"We saw the achievements that the university itself should be proud of," said Laukaitis Giedrius, professor of the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences at the Kaunas University of Technology, chairman of the commission on the cluster "Power and Electrical Engineering". He particularly noted the quality control system covering the entire university from the rector to the staff, all aspects of the educational process "which would be envied by every university". Well-coordinated work of personnel with a high level of corporate ethics, educational programs that meet the requirements of employers are also inherent in the Stavropol Agrarian University.

Other members of the commission expressed their impressions of the accreditation process and the wishes. For example, the representative of the professional community Vasily Glushakov, who heads the department of the fuel and energy complex and energy saving of the Ministry of Energy, Industry and Communication of the Stavropol Territory, assured those present:

"The possibilities for expanding the interaction of the electric power faculty with the branch ministry have been agreed in order to familiarize students with the production conditions."

The view that the Stavropol State Agrarian University is on the front lines, and the team is working with the current trends, said an expert from Austria Elena Kamenskaya. Doctor of Philosophy, professor, visiting professor of Philosophy, University of Salzburg, University of Vienna, Research Fellow at the Institute of Scientific Theory of the International Research Center (Salzburg), Consultant in Higher Education of the Office of International Relations and Projects (Austria), Consultant in Modernization of Higher Education, The international expert of the European Quality Assurance Association (ENQA), said of the three most impressive factors. It is a competent, forward looking management team; Conducting a comparative analysis of the university's activities with national and foreign universities in order to improve the educational process; the ability to react flexibly, quickly, effectively to changes in the surrounding competitive environment.

Symbolical and genuinely friendly was the conclusion of the Doctor of Technical Sciences, a senior researcher, senior researcher of the Institute of Electrical Engineering of the Tallinn University, Victor Aleksandrovich Bolgov. He called the staff of the Stavropol State Agrarian University "not to stay within the borders of the Motherland" to actively represent the excellent achievements of the university and its unique products of educational activity at the international level.

At the end of the meeting, the rector of the Stavropol State Agrarian University, Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences V. I. Trukhachev received certificates of accreditation procedure. In turn, the rector informed the staff and experts about the joyful news from the publishing house "Accreditation in Education" based on the results of 17 major educational programs, the university has become one of the best educational programs in Russia!

As for the final decision on the socio-professional accreditation of the Stavropol State University's educational programs, it will be adopted by the members of the National Accreditation Council on June in 2017.  

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