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Methodological seminar on the results of a survey of employers on the educational program "Production and processing of foodstuff of animal origin"

On May 2017 the Department of sociological and marketing research conducted a survey of specialists of the educational program “Processing of foodstuff of animal origin” using questionnaires. The survey involved 14 experts – main technologists and engineers of the leading companies in the South of Russia processing of foodstuff of animal origin.

In their responses, the leading representatives of professional community expressed their opinion on the importance of competences of future graduates and level of their formation on the stage of education.

The seminar was attended by V. A. Ivashova, head of Department of sociological researches and marketing, O. N. Fedisko, head of the Department of development and implementation of quality management systems, A. A. Khodusov, assistant professor of Department “Private animal husbandry, breeding and animal husbandry”, Sub Dean for educational work of the Faculty of Technological management.

Faculty of Technological management has developed a series of measures aimed at updating the competencies, the improvement of working curricula of disciplines and practical training of students. 

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