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"The social portrait of the first-year student of the Stavropol State Agrarian University 2016"

The chief of Department of sociological researches and marketing, associate professor V. A. Ivashova reported on the meeting of administration the results of the study "Social profile of a first-year student of the Stavropol state agrarian University 2016".

A sociological study conducted in September 2016 by continuous electronic questionnaire through personal accounts of students of the first courses of the University. In total, the study included 1,172 – first-year students of all faculties, which amounts to 96.0% of all freshmen.

The results of the study adopted a corrective action plan, the implementation of which will improve the quality of teaching and educational work, taking into account important socio-demographic characteristics of the contingent of students, professional orientation of the personality of the freshman and primary adaptation to high school training. 

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