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Stavropol State Agrarian University is the most popular University in Russia!

According to the rating of demand for agricultural universities of 2016, Stavropol State Agrarian University became the first among the 57 universities of the Russian Federation.

In accordance to the developed methodology, the universities participating in the ranking were judged on the following, criteria: "proportion of graduates who are directed to work", "share of funds from the commercialization of intellectual products", "index of citing of employees of the organization."

In the group of agricultural higher educational establishments the share of directions for employment of the most high – an average of 70.6 % of graduates get a job placement. This figure is the highest 92, 9 %. The share of revenues from the commercialization of intellectual products also has a significant gap at 17.8% with an average value of 7.6 %. The presence of the University staff with a high citation index, speaks about the effectiveness of research activities, the importance and need for research. With an average of 10.40 %, it is 25 %.

According to the head of the project, the organizers of the "Social Navigator" MIA "Russia today," Natalya Tyurina, this study is of great interest not only among employers but also among the Russian entrants that build their educational choice on the understanding where they will work after graduation.

Of course, this victory pleases all faculty, staff, students of the agricultural University. To be the most popular agricultural University in the country – says a lot. From the walls of the Stavropol GAU out highly qualified specialists of agriculture. The University has talented scientists who are tireless workers – this is a high evaluation of their work and considerable personal contribution to the rector of the University Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences, professor, honored scientist of the Russian Federation, V. I. Trukhachev who is a stunning example of performance and focus only on the positive result 

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