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First-year students rated the quality of the project "Youth leader of the Stavropol GAU – 2016"

Department of sociological and marketing research of the Center for quality management of education conducted the examination of the opinions of first-year students, the participants of the project activists "Youth leader of the Stavropol GAU – 2016."

First-year students appreciate the quality of all events held within the school student activists: official opening of the camp; an evening of Patriotic songs "We remember"; "Harbor of talents"; master classes and lectures.

The involvement of students in the School of leadership gives a good foundation for the development of active life position of students. So 98,5 % of the participants of the school asset was inspired to public work at the University and 93,1% are ready to actively participate in events and social projects.

The results of the study will be presented to the leadership of the Stavropol GAU at a regular meeting of the rectorate.

The participants ' views of the school student activists made during the survey will serve as a basis to develop proposals for improving work with students of Stavropol state agricultural UNIVERSITY. 

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