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Stavropol State Agrarian University - Leader of the rating of Russian universities in demand in 2015

According to RIA "Novosti" Stavropol State Agrarian University has become the leader in 2015 in the category "Agricultural universities" in the ranking of the demand for higher educational institutions of the Russian Federation.

"Social Navigator" MIA "Russia Today" with the assistance of the Center for the study of the labor market for the first time introduced the "Rating demand of universities in the Russian Federation in 2015", which included all the universities of the country, regardless of their form of ownership.

The rating included 463 national, departmental, municipal and private high schools from 80 subjects of the Russian Federation, providing training for primary and secondary higher education program in 2014. Among them there are 87 classical universities, 140 engineering schools (technical universities), 56 agricultural high schools, 61 management high schools, 72 liberal arts colleges and 47 medical schools.

Stavropol State Agrarian University is leading in the category "agricultural universities”.

Evaluation of University ranking is based on the choice of the basic performance without considering baseline. The main activities of universities analyzed are: the production of intellectual products (research, development, consulting services), training to engage in employment in the real economy, publication activity. These activities set the organizational, staffing and financial and economic system of the University, its position in the markets of manufactured products as an economic entity. It is assumed that the functioning and resources can ensure an appropriate level of manufactured product, which is measured by the demand for it. Therefore, the assessment of the latter indirectly characterizes the efficiency of the organization management.

The technique of the ranking was developed by "Social navigator" MIA "Russia Today" with the assistance of the Center for the study of the labor market and has passed approval by the Expert Council for Education MIA "Russia Today" (RIA Novosti

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