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Participation of representatives of the Student Committee for the quality of education in the conduct of public and professional accreditation programs at SNFU

Between 17 and 19 November 2015 one of the leading accreditation centers in Russia - "National Center of professional accreditation (Yoshkar-Ola)" conducted an external examination of clusters of educational programs in FSAEI HPE "North Caucasian Federal University" (hereinafter - NCFU).

Four institutes of SKFU - Mathematics and Science; Living systems; Economics and Management; education and social sciences presented their primary and secondary education programs for verification.

The expert committee in the areas of "Chemistry" and "Economy" along with Russian and foreign scientists and experts included representatives of the Student Committee for the quality of education of the Stavropol State Agrarian University - Sotnikova Yulia (4th year, Accounting and Finance Department) and Popova Ekaterina (3rd year, Faculty of Agrobiology and land resources).

Our students of the expert committee evaluated the submitted NCFU to the accreditation of educational programs according to specific standards and criteria: guaranteeing the quality of education, periodic assessment of educational programs, assessment of the level of knowledge / competence of students, the level of competence of the teaching staff, the quality of educational resources, information and infrastructure systems, ensuring the effectiveness of programs and public awareness about the educational programs and their achievements.

As a result of public and professional accreditation of educational programs "National Center of professional accreditation (Yoshkar-Ola) sent thank you letters to the Rector of the Stavropol State Agrarian University, PhD, Professor, Corresponding Member of RAS V.I. Trukhachev and our female students - Sotnikova Y. and E. Popova and expressed hope for further fruitful cooperation in ensuring the quality of education. 

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