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From the contacts and exchange of experience - to cooperation


The Austro-German delegation of company LIKRA: export manager, Agricultural Engineer M. Feldmann, export manager, PhD A.A. Grevtsev (SCHILS, Netherlands) visited the Stavropol State Agrarian University.

Vice-rector of scientific and innovative work, Associate Professor V. Yu Morozov told the guests about the activities of SSAU. Then there was a round table, at which the guests and teathers from the faculty of Technological Management and Veterinary Medicine: Professor N.Z. Zlydnev, S.A. Oleinik, E.E. Yepimakhov, A.N. Marynich, V.A. Orobets, associate professors A.A. Khodusov, N.V. Samokish; Director of "Agrokormservis plus" A.V. Vrana. The participants discussed issues related to the application of European feed products in the process of feeding cattle dairy productivity from the point of view of economic expediency.

Further, the foreign delegation visited the cattle-breeding complexes of agricultural enterprises Kochubeevsky area: SEC farm-breeding plant "Kuban" (Chairman S.V. Nesterenko, the main zoo technician Hahonaidze G.N.) and SEC farm-breeding plant "Kazminsky" (Chairman S.A. Shumsky , the main zoo technician A.V. Levchenko). The experts exchanged views and shared the view on the need for greater involvement of possibilities in laboratory evaluation of feed quality of Agrarian University for the study of coarse, succulent and concentrated feed rations and the development of high-grade animal feed.

As a result of the meeting the international cooperation memorandum of intent.

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