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"We are for peace in the world!"


In Kiten (Bulgaria) there took place the International Forum-Festival of Youth "We are for peace in the world!". It was attended by activists of the student government of SSAU students of the Faculty of Farm Mechanization Andrey Nazarenko and Fedor Zavyalik. The forum brought together representatives from 16 countries - Bulgaria, Ukraine, Belarus, Germany, Austria, Serbia, Slovenia, Poland, Norway, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Spain, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Sweden, and nine regions of the Russian Federation. The total number of participants of the international youth event was 140 people. The festival was held with the support of the Russian Embassy in Bulgaria and the Department for work with compatriots abroad of the Russian Foreign Ministry, the Federal Agency Russian Cooperation, the fund "Russian World", Foundation of support and protection of the rights of compatriots living abroad, the Federation "Union of Compatriots of Bulgaria."

In 2015, in the educational and creative program of the project there were reflected the themes identified by the Federal Agency for Youth as a priority in the framework of forum campaign: this is the Year of the Russian language and literature, the year of the 70th anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War. The work of the forum-festival was organized in three main areas: "personal competence", "design technique", "community management."

The forum program included also sporting events. Our team took the 1st place in the team competition on extreme sport freerope and Andrey Nazarenko took the 2nd place in the individual competition and became an instructor in this sport.

As a result of the work there was published "Youth Declaration on Action in the name of the Russian world" which included theses on issues of concern set in the project by the participants and experts.

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