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Employees of our university paid a visit to KubSAU for the benefit of science


The delegation of the Stavropol State Agrarian University headed by the professor of the Russian Academy of Sciences, the dean of the faculties of agrobiology and land resources and ecology and landscape architecture, Alexander Esaulko, visited the structural unit of the Kuban State Agrarian University (KubSAU) - the Kuban Training and Experimental Farm. The result of the working trip is the planned joint research and, of course, the creation of common scientific papers that will further help students from both universities in mastering the necessary competencies.

Educational and experimental farm "Kuban" today is a diversified agricultural enterprise. Its structure includes an experimental station, a horse farm, a poultry farm, a pig farm, a grain forage complex, dairy farms, rice checks, and a vegetable team. But the main areas are crop production and elite seed production.

Of great interest to scientists and students of the Stavrpol State Agrarian University was the fleet of agricultural machines and implements and the technologies for cultivating an intensive orchard and vineyard, used on the areas of the educational farm, as well as specialized laboratories for grape propagation and winemaking, which were introduced to our delegation by the head of the laboratory of microwinemaking, graduate student Oleg Smolich. Oleg is involved in the creation of the university's grape genetic fund, which already includes 1,200 technical and table varieties.

As a result of the meeting, representatives of universities agreed to build mutually beneficial partnerships and exchange experience. The scientists of our university have identified for themselves the moments that can be used for the further development of the Training and Experimental Station of the Stavropol State Agrarian University. And the employees of KubSAU became interested in our developments in the field of fruit and berry crops nursery, research in the field of agrochemistry, soil microbiology, biological methods of plant protection and biotechnology.

In the near future, the scientific team of KubSAU plans to pay a return visit to our university in order to exchange experience and knowledge.

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