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The introduction of digital technologies in the educational process at the Faculty of Economics


As part of the implementation of the Priority 2030 academic leadership program, a cycle of training events on the introduction of Bitrix service technologies into the educational process began in the design and training laboratory "Organization and management of business processes based on information and marketing technologies".

The training is conducted by the university's strategic partner, the AMS company (partner of BITRIX-24), represented by the head of the sales department, Maxim Mikhailov (Moscow). The training seminar was attended by employees of the Department of Economic Theory, Marketing and Agroeconomics:

- Head of the Department, Professor Olga Nikolaevna Kusakina,

- head of the laboratory, associate professor Ekaterina Grigoryevna Agalarova,

- Associate Professor Yulia Viktorovna Rybasova,

- Associate Professor Elena Aleksandrovna Kosinova,

- Associate Professor Irina Yurievna Antonova,

- Associate Professor Olga Alexandrovna Cherednichenko,

- Associate Professor Galina Viktorovna Tokareva,

- Associate Professor Angelina Yakovlevna Kazarova,

- Professor Igor Vladimirovich Gruzkov,

- Associate Professor Natalya Anatolyevna Dovgotko,

- Associate Professor Evgeny Valerievich Rusanovsky.

The use of Bitrix technologies for educational purposes will allow teachers to model economic processes on a single platform solution; view the entire history of communications with students in the aggregator (calls, messages to instant messengers, letters from the mail, etc.); receive detailed analytics online at different stages based on the results of work and tasks performed.

Training seminars and consulting assistance from the strategic partner will accompany the educational process during the current year. 

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