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The "School of Investor" started its work at SSAU


The Investor School is an information resource for beginners and more advanced investors, as well as for those who are just planning to engage in investment activities. The new project is being implemented within the framework of the university's strategic cooperation with the financial companies FINAM-STAVROPOL and BCS Premier. Target audience - schoolchildren, students interested in studying investment instruments, listeners.

The project was launched on the basis of the educational and practical laboratory "Exchange" of the Accounting and Finance Faculty, under the leadership of Candidate of Economic Sciences, Associate Professor Olga Nikolaevna Uglitskikh.

The work of the Investor School is aimed at developing skills for saving and increasing money, such as studying:

· investment methods;

· rules for effective investment;

· main mistakes of a novice investor;

· principles of investment portfolio formation;

· alternative ways to increase money.

The first thematic lecture “Individual effective financial planning” was held within the framework of the investor school. It was conducted by the director of LLC Finam-Stavropol, a practicing trader Lyubov Mikhailovna Butaliy. At the lesson, she told how to become a private investor in the financial markets, how to start investing in bonds, stocks, ETFs, go to passive income of up to 25% per annum and create capital of several million rubles from scratch.

To diversify the investment portfolio, Lyubov Mikhailovna recommended purchasing shares of several companies from different industries. This will make it possible to at least preserve savings if the value of some of the securities drops sharply.

The speaker spoke about the types of investors and the procedure for their choice of investment strategies, explained that in order to increase free funds, one should combine financial instruments: bank deposits, business investments, the acquisition of real estate, exchange-traded assets.

Then the webinar "Stock Market - Roulette or Compass" took place, which was held in real time on the FinamTrade trading platform.

Lyubov Mikhailovna, by her own example, demonstrated the process of creating an investment portfolio, gave recommendations on the selection of financial assets, and described the methods of using technical and fundamental analysis.

Each participant was credited with 400,000 rubles to a virtual demo account - this amount is enough to hone trading skills and build a portfolio of shares. Access to the demo account remains active for 14 days, which allows students to feel the initial immersion in the investment sea.

The Investor School project represents the quintessence of more than 15 years of investment experience of a whole team of professionals, their knowledge and practice. Most of the materials appeared as answers to the most frequently asked questions related to investing money.

The project contains useful knowledge, both for beginners and investors with experience, and is aimed at forming a correct understanding of the financial market and how it can benefit each individual and society as a whole. Participation in it will allow you to understand why investments are necessary for every person, and will also help to avoid common mistakes.

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