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Master class in controlling for students - economists


A master class “Controlling in the field of HoReCa”, dedicated to the celebration of the Day of the Economist, was held at the Faculty of Economics of Stavropol State Agrarian University. The event was organized by the Professor of the Department of Entrepreneurship and the World Economy N. Bannikova .

Controlling, as an instrumental embodiment of the philosophy of profitability in the work of an enterprise, is becoming more widespread in an unstable environment. In the framework of the master class “Controlling in the HoReCa sphere” for 4th year students of the profile “Economics of Enterprises and Organizations”, business consultant Udovichenko Daria Alexandrovna paid special attention to future management methods to ensure long-term functioning and expand the prospects for the development of the enterprise. However, the complex elements of the theory of controlling were very interestingly presented from the perspective of a practitioner with extensive experience in analyzing entrepreneurial activity in the field of public catering.

Daria Alexandrovna expanded the ideas of future specialists about the financial model of the enterprise using the example of the restaurant business, drew the attention of students to the most problematic areas in the planning and organization of work. She also spoke about the most promising transformation trends, “growth points” of modern business, such as “Turquoise organizations”, Agile- and Scrum-approaches.

An open lecture contributed to the deepening of students' knowledge in the discipline "Controlling", which is relevant for the economic direction, the development of their economic thinking as the basis for the formation of professional competencies. 

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