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Field trip to the Uspensky sugar factory


The factory is a stable and developing enterprise of the Uspensky district, which meets modern requirements for the level of equipment, technology for the production of sugar products, has qualified personnel. Students in practice were able to get acquainted with the production and look at the structure of the plant from the inside.

Thanks to the support of the Rector of Stavropol State Agrarian University, academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences, professor Vladimir Ivanovich Trukhachev and Dean of the Faculty of Agrobiology and Land Resources and Ecology and Landscape Architecture, Doctor of Agriculture, Professor of the Russian Academy of Sciences Alexander Nikolaevich Yesaulko, 2nd year students of the direction “Agronomy”, together with the staff of the department Agrochemistry and plant physiology visited the "Uspensky Saharnik" sugar factory (Krasnodar Territory).The tour began with an introductory conversation about the enterprise, which was conducted by the specialist of the enterprise, Ivan Ivanovich Sled. He spoke about the technological process for the production of granulated sugar. Further, the tour continued through the territory of the factory, Ivan Ivanovich acquainted students with devices for receiving, weighing, drying, and cleaning sugar beets. He also talked about the people of what professions and specialties work at each site, students saw the jobs of specialists, the work of modern computerized laboratories, as well as the whole process of making sugar.The excursion has a great influence on the formation of interest in the profession, as it combines the visibility and accessibility of perception with the ability to analyze, compare, make choices.

The dialogue raised the question of the possibility of further cooperation and the implementation of joint projects and programs, as well as advanced training of the teaching staff and the possibility of internships by students of the Stavropol State Agrarian University on the basis of the Uspensky Sugar Factory. 

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