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The walls of the agrarian held a traditional quest for freshmen "Photocross"


"Photocross" is a unique opportunity for first-year students to quickly and in a game format learn about the university. Over 700 people in 3 hours studied all the buildings, classrooms and passages, got acquainted with the departments of the university and just had a good time.

The main objective of the event was the creation of a team spirit, and the introduction of freshmen from different faculties. What can bring together better than the walls of the best Agricultural University of the country and 69 stations with a variety of tasks?

The groups that at the end of three hours passed the largest number of stations were awarded with memorable gifts and souvenirs of SSAU:1 and 2 groups of the Economics Faculty;3 and 4 groups of the Accounting and Finance Faculty; 1 and 3 groups of the Veterinary Medicine Faculty.

Lucky groups with serial numbers 7 and 14 were also encouraged: group 4 of the Mechanization of Agriculture Faculty and group 1B9-2 of the Secondary Vocational Education Faculty.

Freshmen now know everything about the immense university! How to get to the main building in millions of ways and where the coolest photos are obtained. 

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