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An open lecture course from the Central Bank of Russia has started at the Accounting and Finance Faculty


As part of the cooperation agreement between the Stavropol State Agrarian University and the Stavropol Territory Branch of the South MB of the Bank of Russia, an open lecture course “Bank of Russia Monetary Policy” has started at the Accounting and Finance Faculty.The expert was Gladilin Alexander Alexandrovich, chief economist at the economic department of the Stavropol Territory Branch of the South MB Bank of Russia. The dialogue was attended by teachers of the department "Financial Management and Banking" and students studying in the areas of preparation "Economic Security" and "Economics" (profiles "Finance and Credit", "Accounting, Analysis and Audit").During the first lecture, Alexander Alexandrovich said that monetary policy is part of the state economic policy aimed at improving the welfare of Russian citizens. The Bank of Russia implements its monetary policy under the inflation targeting regime, and its priority is to ensure price stability, that is, consistently low inflation. Taking into account the peculiarities of the Russian economy, the goal is set - inflation is constantly around 4%.Monetary policy affects the economy through interest rates, its main parameter is the key rate of the Bank of Russia. In view of the time-distributed nature of the effect of monetary policy on the economy, the Bank of Russia, when making decisions, proceeds from the forecast of economic development and risk assessment to achieve the inflation target in the medium term, and also takes into account possible risks to the sustainability of economic growth and financial stability. The Bank of Russia pursues an active information policy, explaining the reasons and expected results of its decisions in the field of monetary policy, the understanding of which by the general public is of great importance for increasing the effectiveness of Bank of Russia measures. 

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