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Center for Science and Innovation

June, 2009: Center for scientific-innovative and information-analytical activity was reorganized in the Center for Science and Innovation (CSI).

Center’s core focus areas are:

· information-analytical support of educational and scientific processes at the University;

· science and research activity analysis of University departments, chairs, scientific units;

· setting up the students scientific and sci-tech activity;

· information support and setting up the University staff, research scientists, candidates and students competitive and grant activity;

· innovation activity and management of scientific and research, engineering and project operations;

· monitoring of the innovations in the education system development, higher professional education, scientific, academic and teaching staff training, scientific, sci-tech and innovation policy;

· intellectual property protection of University scientists, staff, candidates and students;

· setting up the information-analytical and task-oriented e-databases;

· coordination of University activities concerning the innovation policy and Hi-Tech transpher.

[CSI team]

For the coordination and development of innovation activity in the region the University collaborates with political departments. Scientific and innovative activity of the University complies with priority science, technology and engineering areas, University vision, perspective plan of scientific, academic and teaching staff training. Fundamental, applied research are fulfilled by teams of scientific and research labs, 41 schools of thought and research area. There is synthetical agriculture, crop science, animal breeding, veterinary medicine, mechanization and electrification of manufacturing processes, economy and financial security of agriculture and processing industry research.

2006-2010: Scientific and staff of Stavropol SAU undertook the scientific study and research of federal and departmental special-purpose programmes, domestic and foreign funds’ grants, international programmes. StSAU SRTC (Science Research Training Center) sets up the University participation in the competitive programmes of the Foundation for Assistance to Small Innovative Enterprises in Science and Technology on support of innovation projects and science research every year. Over 5 recent years 57 innovation projects (15 of them won) were sent for the competition in “Start” program. 15 small innovative enterprises were set up with financial support from the Fund on the University basis. University young scientists, candidates and students take active part in the “U.M.N.I.K.” program since 2007. 22 out of 70 science and innovation projects were awarded as the winners, 2 out of them are financed by the “Start” program since 2009.

During the 2004-2010 period the Foundation for Assistance to Small Innovative Enterprises in Science and Technology supported 37 innovation projects of University scientists.

[StSAU Rector V.I. Trukhatschev and the “U.M.N.I.K.” winners]

There is a department for intellectual property protection (patent department) in the CSI. Over 300 University employees take part in the inventive activity every year, over 70 authors get patents for their research.

They have got 238 titles of protection, including 186 patents on an invention and useful models, 44 certificates on programs for computer systems and 8 licenses on selection achievements for 2006–2010. Developments of scientists of SSAU «Selection way of horses, tolerant to pastoral mites and connected with them diseases” (authors S. N. Lutsuk, М. Е. Ponomareva) and «Biologically active feed additive from secondary diary material for young stock of farm animals» (authors V. I. Trukhachev, P. G. Nesterenko, О. А. Ogneva) were recommended by

the Federal Intellectual Property, Patent and Trademark Service for entering into the Russian base «Advanced inventions».

In 2007 the inventor’s certificate on selection achievement of sheep breeds was given to the Russian Academy’s of Agricultural Sciences academician V. А. Moroz: «Sheep Aginskaya» and the patent « Sheep Aginskaya». It was result of selection work, making by the academician in Aginskiy Region of Buryat Autonomous Region, together with collective farm workers “Rodina” of Dugulskiy Region and scientists of the State Scientific Institution of Veterinary Science of Eastern Siberia and the Aginskaya District State Breeding Institute. A new sheep breed – kulundinskaya - was developed by scientists of the faculty of technological management together with specialists of the JSC «Stepnoye», of Rodinskiy Region, Altayskiy Region. The Russian Academy’s of Agricultural Sciences academician V. А. Moroz and Rector of SSAU, corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Agricultural Sciences V. I. Trukhachev got the certificate of authorship “Sheep Kulundinskaya”.

At the Department of Agronomy Faculty work on new varieties of wheat. They launched a high yielding variety of winter wheat FIB resistant to salinity, drought, grain of which belongs to the strong wheat. From 2008 there is a state test of this cultivar. From 2010 the cultivar of stevia Stavropolskaya slastena is in the State register of breeding achievements permitted for use.

Since 2009 there is a cultivar test of winter purple wheat Bagryanitsa and soft winter wheat Basmina. Professor of plant breeding and seed M. P. Zhukova developed new cultivars of grain sorghum and payza. An important direction of new scientific information exchange is participation of the university in exhibitions, congresses and salons. In 2005-2010 university scientists exposed his scientific achievements on 209 exhibitions of different levels, more than 60 of them are international. They were attended by about 2130 people. Total 3029 exhibits were presented, 811 exhibits of them are presented on international exhibitions. Scientific innovations of the university on the basis of participation in exhibitions, congresses and salons were prized with the 661st reward (diplomas and medals).

[Members of IX Moscow International Salon of Investments]

Teaching staff, graduate students and university workers were actively involved in more than 1,750 scientific, technical, scientific and methodological conferences of different levels, including 897 international, 339 Russian, 308 regional and 218 university ones. Furthermore, the results of research working are reflected in 169, organized by the university, scientific and technical conferences, including 76 international, 11 Russian, 41 regional, 41 university conferences. For the last 5 years university scientists published 392 monographs, 1516 textbooks and teaching aids, including 1016 ones - approved by the Ministry and the AMU (Academic Methodological Union) of Russian universities, 11,369 articles, 1,046 of them are in the list of publications of the State Commission for Academic Degrees and Titles of the Ministry of Education and Science of RF, as well as 208 proceedings. The department of scientific and research work of students and scientific and technical creativity of youth works in the Centre, its task is organizational and coordination work with students and graduate students of the university.

Young scientists of the University actively participate in contests and competitions, including the industry -specific.

The most important are:

1. Russian national competition for the best scientific work among students, graduate student and young scientists of higher education institute of the Ministry of Agriculture of Russian Federation.

2. Open competition for the best scientific work of university students in the natural, technical and humanitarian sciences of Ministry of Education and Science of Russian Federation.

3. Olympiads and competitions of the Youth Union for economists and financiers of the Russian Federation.

4. Russian national competition of scientific works for young scientists and graduate students in economic themes "Economic growth in Russia" (the Free Economic Society of Russia).

5. Russian national youth competition for educational institutions and scientific organizations for the best work, "My legislative initiative."

6. Russian national achievement competition s for talented young people, "National Treasure of Russia."

7. Russian national competition of youth author projects oriented to social and economic development of municipal corporation "My Country - My Russia".

8. Grant competitions "Young innovators of agrarian Russia."

9. Research projects and development projects of young inventors as part of social project "The golden age of innovation."

10. Russian national Olympiad of scientific and student works in the area of drug prevention and drug criminality.

[At the certificate presentation of Russian national competition "Young innovators of agrarian Russia"]

To the main industry events belongs Russia national competition for the best scientific work among students, graduate students and young researchers of universities, organized by the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation in cooperation with the Association of educational institutions of agroindustrial complex and fishery. According to the competition results in 2006-2010 the winners were 12 young scientists of the University.

University students participate in an open competition of the Ministry of Education and Science for the best scientific work in natural, technical and humanitarian sciences. Over the last 5 years in this competition were received 8 medals and 42 diplomas. Young scientists of the University are actively involved in the activities of the Youth Union of economists and financiers. In 2010 49 projects became winners. In recent years competitions have become an integral part of various conferences. Then, the annual university student scientific and practical conference "Young farmers of the Stavropol Territory" in 2007 and 2008 has been accredited by the Foundation for Assistance to small innovative enterprises in scientific and technical sphere in program "U.M.N.I.K." One of the active forms of student involvement in research work at the university is their participation in scientific international, Russian national, regional conferences (12.7% of students).

The part of students who are actively involved in intramural conferences is much more and forms 68.5% of the total number of students.

The significant performance indicator of the student involvement in scientific research is not only their rewards, but also their publications. The share of publications between the university students is about 30%.

In summer 2009 the representatives of the university took part in the Russian national youth educational forum "Seliger-2009". To become a part of it is a great honor. It is possible only for the most talented students from all Russia. In between the sessions you can visit meetings with prominent people: politicians, scientists, writers, etc. One of the most memorable events for all participants of the forum was a video conference with Russian President Dmitry Medvedev and the head of State Corporation ‘Russian Corporation of Nanotechnologies Anatoly Chubays.