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Center of aesthetic education of students

Center of aesthetic education of students

CEMAC was launched in August 2001; it was produced as a result of reorganization of the department of culture and creativity.

The Centre's activity is an integral part of high quality training and is aimed to form citizenship between students, preservation and development of moral and cultural values ​​in the conditions of modern life, preserve the best traditions of the university, and develop skills of constructive behavior in the labor market.

The main activities of the Centre:

- Identification of the aesthetic needs of students;

- Practical training in music, dance and drama;

- Coordination of interaction with deans, chairs and faculty to develop a comprehensive educational program for the implementation professional skills of students;

- Implementation of creative groups of interests and aptitudes;

- Advertising of the Centre, the preparation and bibliographic material;

- Promoting the creative achievements of students.

Increasing of branches of the center is stipulated by the diversity of interests and aptitudes of the students.

The dynamics of growth of the number of students 2002 - 280, today -609. This indicator shows that the work of the centre is very interesting for students.

It requires several days of training, rehearsals, and considerable financial costs to make the event turned into a beautiful show. It should be noted that since 2005, all activities are conducted jointly with the University student union committee. Work in tandem was the basis of the organization of student government. Organization model of NCS today occupies a leading position in the country and is the best in the Stavropol region.

The Center of Aesthetic Education students are functioning: 
 • Academic student choir (director – V.I. Korotkov); 
 • Show-ballet "Stilnye Shtuchki" (director – E.V. Zubenko); 
 • Department "Pop Vocal", vocal studio "Joyce" (director - C. Bovina); 
 • «DJ School" (director - A. Gomma) 
 • «School of Fashion Designers" (director - J. Voitova); 
 • Department "pop dance", show-project "Territory" (leader - E. Aghajanova); 
 • Department "Dances of the World" (director - I. Yaluplina); 
 • Department "Ballroom Dancing" (leader – A.P. Martynov); 
 • Department "Oratory" (director – I.V. Kargaly); 
 • Department "Student theater pop miniatures" (director - S. Zubenko); 
 • KVN team "45th Parallel" and "From start to finish" (leaders - T. Rudomakha, N. Golovin) 
 • Department "Sports Dances" project «EXPRONT» (director - E. Panasenko); 
 • Dance Project «Top of Style» (director - S. Gorbovsky)