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Official Information
Training scientific and practical seminar "International quality standards for scientific publications and journals in agriculture and related fields"
A training scientific and practical seminar "International quality standards for scientific publications and journals in agriculture and related fields" began its work at Stavropol State Agrarian University. The training will take place over two days. The participants of the seminar were editors of publications issued by educational and research organizations, as well as authors of articles for them. The event is organized in a face-to-face format. For participants, advanced training is also provided under the program "Quality Management of Scientific Publications".
Stavropol State Agrarian University is the leader among Russian agricultural universities in the national university ranking for 2022
The independent news agency Interfax has presented the 13th annual National University Ranking (NRU) for 2022.
According to the results of the National University Ranking, Stavropol State Agrarian University confidently takes the 1st place (for the seventh time in a row!) Among the country's agricultural universities. In total, 358 higher educational institutions of Russia participated in the ranking in 2022.
International scientific and practical conference "Agrarian education in the 21st century: trends and prospects"
An international conference on agricultural education began on the basis of the Timiryazev Academy. The discussion platform brought together 90 participants, including 39 rectors of agricultural universities. Several hundred representatives of the agrarian community follow the progress of the conference online. The work began with a panel discussion.
Meeting of the operational headquarters for harvesting grain and leguminous crops
In order to improve the efficiency of the crop growing industry, the quality of harvesting grain and leguminous crops, the implementation of related work and ensuring safety during their implementation, a meeting of the operational headquarters for coordinating these works and the collegium of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Stavropol Territory was held in the Stavropol Territory. The event was held on the basis of the “North Caucasian Federal Scientific Agrarian Center”, the town of Mikhailovsk.
X Regional Olympiad of participants of student production teams
Stavropol State Agrarian University actively supports the movement of student production teams. In May, on the basis of the university, with the support of the Ministry of Education and Youth Policy of the Stavropol Territory, the X Regional Olympiad of participants of student production teams was held. The main goal of the Olympiad is to identify and develop schoolchildren’s creative abilities and interest in research activities, to identify the most gifted schoolchildren who have solid knowledge in the general education disciplines of the school curriculum and to attract the maximum number of graduates of rural schools to an agricultural university.
The expert discussed with students the development of technologies and new opportunities of the banking system
A lecture organized by Sberbank was held on the basis of the ABC of Money Business School of the SmartAgro Youth Technopark of Stavropol State Agrarian University. The university and the bank have long-term warm friendly relations. Many students and graduates work in their specialty in different branches of the bank, occupy leading positions.
Career guidance class hour
Stavropol State Agrarian University hosted a “Vocational Guidance Class Hour” for schoolchildren in grades 7-11. Future students were taught professions that can be studied at the university, including agronomy, operation and repair of agricultural machinery and equipment, veterinary medicine, animal husbandry.
Student meetings with experts from WorldSkills Russia regional championships
At the Faculty of Secondary Vocational Education, students met with experts from the WorldSkills Russia regional championships in the competencies of agronomy, web technologies, vehicle repair, and the operation of agricultural machines. The movement is becoming more and more popular every year. And this is connected, first of all, with the need of the real sector of the economy for highly qualified specialists.
Patriotic event with students of the Faculty of Economics
Students of the Faculty of Economics visited the Cold Spring memorial, opened in Stavropol in 1972. The memorial is one of the main patriotic attractions. For the entire Russian people, June 22 is a sad date, this is the day the Great Patriotic War began.
The work of the state examination committee at MGIMO
For several years, there has been a master’s program at MGIMO “World Agricultural Markets”, which is being implemented on the basis of agricultural universities in Moscow, Stavropol and Krasnodar. To date, the master’s program has no analogues in the market of educational services. It is focused on the formation of a human resource of world-class specialists who are able to ensure effective management in the agro-industrial complex and represent Russia’s interests in the world markets for agricultural products.
The implementation of the regional volunteer project “Time of Kindness” has been completed
The project was organized as part of the implementation of grant funds from the Mashuk 2021 youth forum. The project is aimed at social support and prevention of social apathy among children from the special secondary school No. 33 in the city of Stavropol and the promotion of volunteer, creative and physical activity among young people. As part of the project, 5 creative workshops and 5 trainings for children were held, as well as a dance performance and several thematic flash mobs.
Round table “Ways of development of breeding and industrial poultry farming”
In the Kabardino-Balkar State Agrarian University, in order to qualitatively implement activities and achieve the planned values of the Strategic Academic Leadership Program “Priority 2030”, a round table “Ways for the development of breeding and industrial poultry farming” was held. The organizers were: Republican Agrarian University, Stavropol State Agrarian University, the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic and the Kabardino-Balkarian Scientific Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences.
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